Birdie’s Favorite Television Shows

December 9, 2011

in Television

Like most families, television is central to life in the Adams’ household, with Birdie often making the decisions about what to watch. In the morning Birdie watches “Captain Kangaroo” on the black and white television with rabbit ears.

Just in case you don’t know, rabbit ears are the old fashioned antenna used to improve reception before tall outdoor antennas crowned every roof, or satellite dishes sprouted like mushrooms from the eaves. But back in 1962, when the Captain jangles his keys Birdie knows the fun is about to begin.

Played beautifully by Bob Keeshan for almost thirty years, The Good Captain read books, chatted with puppets and taught children about manners and responsibility.

After school, Birdie settles in for some Popeye and Olive Oyl cartoons on “The Skipper Ed Show.”

Most cities had locally produced children’s shows with live studio audiences full of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Skipper Ed was the host in Jacksonville, Florida in 1962, and exclusively played Popeye cartoon.

Sunday mornings are devoted to “Davey and Goliath.”

The show was provided at no cost to about 200 markets in the US in the 1960’s by the United Lutheran Church in America.

You may be familiar with Davey’s distant cousin, Gumby. Yes, both characters are Art Clokey creations.

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