At the Winn Dixie with Norah

February 6, 2012

in Food

I’m fascinated with anthropology, particularly the anthropology of the family. As far as I’m concerned, food and the area used for preparation is the heart of the family whether the home is a cave, a nomadic tent or a suburban tract house. The process of procuring and preparing food for the nourishment of a family is important work. Norah would accomplish this task much the same as we do today. Her family would have eaten fewer convenience food items, with the exception being frozen vegetables, because pre-packaged items were comparatively more expensive. Continue reading…

Here’s a dance party. Enjoy the fun! You’ll need a free account to enjoy the tunes.

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I present to you the playlist for September 13, 1962. You’ll need a free account to enjoy these tunes. You can listen to the entire playlist here, or you can listen to individual tracks by clicking on them below.

In Bombshells Norah, Mellie’s mother, forces her to endure a Toni home permanent the night before school starts. If you had one of these back in the day, you understand that the night before the first day of school was not the best planning. But, we forgive Norah. She has a lot on her mind. The question is, can Mellie?

The process is not pleasant: smelly lotion, tight rollers, more smelly lotion, more rollers, an hour under the hair dryer or a sleepless night in brush rollers. Then, the next morning was always a surprise. How did it turn out? Luckily, for Mellie her hair looks great, but that just permed smell follows her around all day. You don’t know what that smell is like? I really wish we had an app for that. But I can give a visual.

Of course, Mellie was not this happy about it. Continue reading…

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